"One-Off" Exhibition


One-off is the first private exhibition by the design studio Andbros. The exhibition differs from a traditional design show in the sense that it doesn't showcase Andbros products but unique pieces designed specifically for the exhibition. The exhibition’s name, One-Off, speaks about that uniqueness.

The theme and goal of the exhibition is to comment the modern day world we live in. It's not about lecturing or finger-pointing but portraying all the different observations we've made about our culture and society. At the same time the name One-Off highlights life’s uniqueness – it's here and now and we should celebrate it, but in a way that lets other people enjoy it too.

The exhibition consists of five pieces that take over the exhibition space. The works are sculpture-like installations, inspired by pop art imagery and put together with design methods and with the help of Andbros collaborators. The exhibition is financially supported by the Alfred Kordelin foundation and Arts Promotion Centre Finland.


Design Forum Showroom, Helsinki Finland


The Works


Energy Crisis

Private collection by Nikita Gavrilenko, 2008 – 2013

People spend more than they can afford. The yearly quota of replenishable Earth resources were spend this year already by the 19th of August. Our consumer habits have changed radically during the past few decades,and now everyone has the chance to choose their favourite from an ocean of products. But do we all really need to have our personalized energy drinks?

Feeling Lucky?

paper roll, silkscreen print, 2014

Our society offers its citizens a support network so that everyone could succeed and have a life worth living. The welfare state strives to give everyone an equal chance for success and living. Tikka, a darts-style game played in Finland since the 1930’s, symbolises this situation of equality. Are we really able to appreciate the safety network? What happens if we miss our throw?

10 Steps Of Success

nylon, rubber, 2014

We tend to worship success and successful people. Only successful people get to walk down the red carpet. The patterned surface of the carpet displays different symbols we attach to success. What is success and what do try to achieve with it? Success is often used synonymously with happiness. Does success really bring you happiness? Success is often displayed through personal property. Is success still only about materia and is happiness dependent on it? Is happiness eternal craving for something new?

Peace Off

neonlight, aluminium, 2014

Everyone wishes for world peace, but while plenty of work is done to achieve it, the world seems to be on a landslide towards war. Even at this very moment weapons are used for peacekeeping around the world. Who are the people in charge of peace anyway?


pvc coated fabric, 2014

Is it wrong to eat meat? The discussion about meat easily turns into a battle of the extremes about right and wrong, although there’s no absolute truth about the subject. A steak filled with air is much like the discussion – a playground of thoughts, a lump-like ever-present object that cannot be reached.