Cardboard lights



The Cardboard Lights is a highly versatile lighting collection that offers wide range of colourful lamps for both home and public spaces. All products in The Cardboard Light Collection are easily customised with specific colours and patterns. Different colours can be defined with CMYK -colour codes for interior matching lamps and lamp shades. Due to our flexible production customised lamps can be ordered even in small quantities.


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Aalto University

Custom colour and sizes for Master of Aalto -exhibition.

Bob the Robot

Lights for a conference room.


Custom branding with Carlsberg logo on the lights.

Finlandsinstitutet Stockholm

Light installation for Finlandsinstitutet's cafe.

Flow Festival

Lights for various restaurant tents.

Helsinki Design Week

Presentation of One-Off -exhibition art pieces during the Design Week.

Lights for collaborative exhibition.

My O My - Xmas Garage

Lights and interior design for Xmas Garage pop-up shop.

Pori Jazz

Lights for various restaurant tents.


Custom pattern on Model No 1 -light.

Suomen Messut

Lighting for renovated offices of Suomen Messut.


Lights for cafe/kitchen area.